A new TV under the sun :

The Groupe50+ ltée and its American partners launches TÉLÉ FLORIDE, a television intended to bring together, inform and entertain French-speaking Floridians. TÉLÉ FLORIDE produces and broadcasts from its studios in Davie and is the first general-interest francophone channel on air in the USA that produces and broadcasts from its own studios in French!

« Bonjour la Floride »


Hosted by Danielle Ouimet


Place Bonaventure
September 16, 17 and 18
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TÉLÉ FLORIDE is transmitted by digital airwaves WLPH Channel 44.1 and continuously on Internet.

It is broadcasted all over Miami (from Boyton Beach to Homestead) and is accessible in condos, mobile home parks, apartments, houses and motor homes.

TÉLÉ FLORIDE is broadcasted in hotels that accommodate French-speaking customers and in public areas where they are welcome.


The Floridian medias :

Floridian medias that relay information and publicity to Francophones are essentially written medias such as :

  • Weekly magazines
  • Monthly magazines
  • Information booklets, brochures and websites

TÉLÉ FLORIDE develops partneships with written media and the internet in order to promote itself more effectively, maximize convergence and to better serve the French-speaking community.

Television :

Until recently, there was no local television station to produce and broadcast in French. Spectators that could, watched French television from Quebec through ShawDirect at a cost of almost $100 per month.

Within two years, we estimate that this source of broadcast will no longer be available, neither technically nor legally.

TV5 is telecast on Comcast but with a very limited viewership.

In the News:

Une chaîne de télé pour les Snowbirds (read the complete story)



Our market :

The market for French television is new.

TÉLÉ FLORIDE is the first local generalist broadcast French television in the USA!

According to official estimates, 1.500.0000 persons speak French in Florida:

• 1 million Québec francophones who reside in Florida several months out of the year and are on average 55 or older.
• 300.000 Québec francophones live in Florida full time.
• 30.000 French.
• 10.000 Belgians and Swiss.
• 400.000 Haitians live in the Miami region in a French environment.



With a potential market of over one million viewers on the East coast, Florida is the second largest market for French television in North America after Montreal.

Our audience profile :

Passing travelers between 25 and 60 years of age and still active, who need local and tourist information in French.

« Snowbirds », mostly unilingual couples from Québec, retired people, middle class or above, aged 50 and over with the same viewer profile as their fellows from « Up North », but an added desire to follow closely the local news and activities related to their environment such as:

• Local short news items
• Weather
• Tourist information
• Francophone activities
• Shows and concerts
• Medical and legal information

Their expense budget is allocated for accommodations, food, restaurants, shows, recreation, electronics, trips, cruises, renovation and property maintenance. Our viewer wishes to stay in direct contact with his country of origin and to be made aware of events as they occur.

Our audience is estimated at 15.000 people per hour with a listening average of two hours a day.



TÉLÉ FLORIDE is easily picked up with a simple antenna in a 50 mile radius from Miami, at no cost or fee.

How do you install your own antenna?


Programming :

Programming is broadcasted 24 hours a day, in 8 hour blocks. There are regular live interventions to keep us in contact with current events and inspire loyalty from our viewers.

Gradually, over the course of the first year, our programming will include :

  • Early morning information programs that reflect Floridian and American current events reported by francophone journalists.
  • Public affairs programs concerning Canadian and French citizens.
  • Cultural programs that showcase and promote shows and local activities in French.
  • Programs aimed at informing and inviting tourists to visit Florida.
  • Variety shows that will broadcast French concerts recorded in Florida or rerun from Québec or France.
  • TV series and TV movies produced all over the world.
  • Programs produced or co-produced in Québec by Télémag, Ramirez Productions and Génération+.

TÉLÉ FLORIDE is an active member of the Chambre de Commerce Québec-Floride and of the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce. Both participate in the development of our programming.

TÉLÉ FLORIDE wants to effectively promote francophone cultural and commercial activities.



Viewership estimate :

It is very difficult to correctly gage our audience according to the television industry calculations during our launch period. Until we can deliver a more accurate count, we can offer the following facts about TÉLÉ FLORIDE:

• Unique and exclusive french language TV channel.
• An immediate and reciprocal connection with the viewers.
• Capacity to communicate LIVE to our audience from our studios.
• Capacity to adapt our sponsor’s message from short format to full length infomercials and to advertise live (remote) directly from their offices.
• Possibility of joint campaigns with other medias.

We wish to develop with you effective advertisement that will fit your budget. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about the possibilities of targeted advertising campaigns.






Our Team :

Dominique Delbast

Dominique Delbast After studying and getting his diploma from École Louis Lumière (photography and film school in France), Dominique Delbast arrived in Montreal as a cameraman for Expo 67. He later worked as designer and creator of the audio-visual departments in the newly created CEGEP environment.

He then directed dozens of films and television programs later included in the college curriculum. He actively participated in the labor-management negotiations between the Québec government and public sector employees. He also established his own production company (Promofilm) and his advertising agency (Impact Comunication). These companies employed over 20 workers and created hundreds of films in all business sectors, from department stores to aviation companies.

In 1975, he negotiated the first collective agreement between the new « Film Technicians Association » and the « Film Producers Association ». He then sold his companies to enter a partnership with Michel Gélinas’ businesses, « Télé-Music-Hall » and « Music-Hall 80 », specializing in talent management, general broadcasting and variety shows production. He won the « Program of the Year » Félix award at the ADISQ gala, in 1983. He participated with the author, playwright and actor Gratien Gélinas in the adaptation his works for television. He then returned to France to attend to family issues.

Later, he entered a semi-retirement and directed the marketing of North American tourist destinations for Destinéa.

Robert Leblond


A journalist for the Journal de Montréal for nearly thirty years, he worked in the sports, general and tourist information sections, among others. He covered the activities of the Montreal Canadiens hockey club, of the Expos baseball club and was sports editor. Robert also was sports editor and editor in chief of the late Montreal Daily News while collaborating to various television and radio programs. To this day, he still is editor in chief of Score Golf Québec magazine.

People often seek Mr Leblond’s opinion because of his expertise on Florida where he helped launch the Hebdo Floride newspaper three years ago. Robert became editor in chief of the publication after being in charge of another Floridian newspaper for five years. He also contributes to the daily La Voix de l’Est, as he has been for several years.

In his spare time, Robert Leblond has managed to write nine novels with considerable success. A travel enthusiast, he has visited a fair number of countries around the globe, interviewed several political figures, artists and sports personalities.

Éliane Delbast

Éliane Delbast2

Éliane has been working in the television industry for over thirty years. At the beginning, she produced and directed programs about the elderly population and sports medecine.

She then moved to the production of variety shows, entertainment and dance programs.

An arts and television enthusiast, she has come out of her retirement to dive with renewed passion into the programming and directing of TÉLÉFLORIDE.

Éliane is responsible for directing Floride 360° and she manages programming for the station.

Patrick Ramirez, Sales and Marketing Department

Patrick works in the production and marketing of different television programs and productions.

To announce or broadcast on TéléFloride, you can join Patrick at +1 (514) 692-2923

Christian Faucher, Anchorman at Télé Floride and host of the show Florida 360°


Christian Faucher made a career on the radio for 25 years. He was animator and director of radio stations in Quebec. He’s been the voice of several major sponsors.

Since November 2015, Christian Faucher joined the Télé Floride team as anchorman. He leads and hosts, with an experienced team, the weekly show Floride 360°.



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Project director
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